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Posted on Jun 21, 2017

If you are searching for how to get rid of ants inside the house, this post should help! Ants are really social insects, so whenever one is found in your home, then there will be others. Discover some tips that can help you to ensure that ants get out and stay out of your home.

FAQs on Ant Control

Once an ant enters your home, there is going to be little chance that they go away on their own. You will have to learn to get rid of them by yourself or have a professional take care of it. To learn what is best for you, below are some frequently asked questions on how you can get rid of ants.

Q: Why do I have an ant problem?

Ants can come into your home for any reason but most likely they are searching for food. Your home was closest to the queen’s colony. Just like a human, ants have to eat to survive. They also have to feed their young, so it’s not like they are wanting to cause you distress or bother you.

They are just trying to make a living just like other animals, bugs, insects, or plant. Your home has represented a possible source of food and water.  It can also give hem protection from predators and elements, which serves as a potential site for a new colony when they want to expand. You will want to prevent this invasion from happening when you can.

Q: Is it easy to get rid of ants?

Ant control isn’t always going to be a simple fix. There are some ant infestations that have nothing to do with how dirty or clean your house is. Your property could just be a haven for ants. This can cause issues for homeowners as spring and summer begin to happen. Swarms of winged ants will begin to set up new colonies, sometimes within your home.

Other types of scenarios can be easy as removing the ants that you see crawling around your home. Wipe down the areas where ants have been with disinfectants. This will erase the scent trails that are left behind. Ants that have never been in your home could follow this trail straight to food that other ants have found.

Q: Do you have to know what type of ants they are to get rid of them?

Knowing what type of ants that you have is important. If you know your enemy, then you are going to know where you can find the nest, what sources are attracting them, and what management methods are most effective.

For instance, tiny black ants are normally outside, but they will enter structures to find food like starches, meat and sugar. A black ant problem can be treated by following the ant trail to the colony and taking care of the problem there. Next would be seal off any entry areas so future ants cannot get into your home.

Carpenter ants need to have a dedicated approach. Controlling arts is hard, especially because they like to make their nests inside of moist wood. Carpenter nests cause severe damage because most moist wood has been found in damaged locations such as a place where there is a leak or the foundation was exposed to the elements, this can cause a bigger problem than having a few ants in your home. These nests are hard to locate because carpenter ants can make nests both inside and outside of your home. A thorough investigation will need to be done by a professional before they can find the best plan to battle the carpenter ants.

Q: What is the best way to get rid of ants?

The best way is going to learn how you can prevent ants. Having an ongoing service with a pest control professional is a main point to manage them in your home. The professional will work with your ant problem and profile to find the best solution to remove the ants and keep them out of your house. This can include both exterior and interior treatments, sealing entry points and placing insect growth regulators on the property.

It is also vital that correct sanitation measures are taken if you are wanting to make sure that ants say out of your home. Many ants are there to find food, so the harder that you make it for them, the less time they will spend in your home. If they don’t find what they want, then they will look for it elsewhere. Which is good for you but could be bad for neighbors.

Having a spotless home can be hard. What looks to be a clean kitchen, could have a few granules of sugar or crumbs that fell behind the stop. That small amount of food is a feast for an ant. To keep this from happening, don’t just wipe down surfaces. Vacuum daily, pay close attention to behind furniture and appliances, baseboards, and areas you may miss.

Ants will also get into your trash, so waste management is important too. Remove garbage from your home fast. Use a garbage disposal instead of having food in a trash can.

Q: What is a good way to starve ants?

Besides just wiping down surfaces and vacuuming, proper food storage is important. An ant can climb into a box of cookies easily, even when the inside bag is tightly closed and you have used the tab to close it. When you are in doubt, remember the package isn’t made to withstand ant invasions.

Purchase air tight containers to store food in. The lids need to lock tightly, which no ant or scavenger insect can get into. Wipe down the outside of the containers used. Ants can also feed on residue left behind such as the sticky stuff on the outside of jelly.  Keep as much food as possible stored where it is hard to access.

Q: Do Over the counter sprays work?

You can purchase ant control spray at local stores. It is important to remember that these substances are really harmful if the directions are not followed. But, they may not take care of the ants. Thee sprays are used to kill on contact and become a deterrent. Many store bought products have no lasting effects. If the ants can enter your home, then they will find a way around the spray. Not to mention that their colony will still be there, which produces more ant which will be hungry and headed straight for your home.

There are some colonies that are really hard to reach without any special equipment. If the nest is within your walls, a spray that you buy at a store will not treat the colony. Outdoor colonies can be way below the surface, which is where many sprays stop working.

Q: Why are there some colonies that survive after treatment?

Ant colonies can thrive after a bad treatment delivery simple because the queen survived. Ant problems don’t begin in your home; they begin in the nest. You only see the problem once the ants enter your space. While you may believe that the more ants you see, the higher chance for breeding, but that isn’t true.

There is one ant in charge of breeding and that is the queen. As long as she isn’t harmed, she can make more ants. The more she makes, the more they need to eat. Once she has established a colony, she never leaves the net, so you can’t really kill her when you kill ants in your kitchen.

She will create worker ants to feed the young, which she is always breeding. The worker ants are the ones in your home. Other ants besides the queen are drones and soldiers. So, even if you remove the ants from the house, they will be replaced with new workers. The only way to stop your ant problem is to kill the queen.

Q: Can an ant problem be fully solved?

While it is quite nice to imagine a world without insects, there are more of them than there is of humans. The ant fight is continuous. Some issues are part of what is within the ant. For instance, the scent trail does not just go between food sources and colonies. This trail can also lead to other colonies, which gives them sanctuary from the nest that has been treated.

There is only one real solution to an infestation of ants, and those are treatments done by pest control with a strict dedication to prevention. Ants will always come back, it is just the matter of how hard you make it for them to enter the home and how well you are prepared for them once they show up.

To ensure that you get your property and home deterred from ants, you just need to make a call.

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