How Much Does Rat Extermination or Removal Cost From Roof 2018?

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Posted on Apr 16, 2018

Got rats in your attic you want removed and now your wondering how much will it cost?

The cost for a rat exterminator will vary depending on different factors, including what kind of rat it is and how many there are.

Are you in need of the cost for a rat exterminator? Many people do, especially in the larger cities, where they are common. They also vary in colors. There’s the large brown rats that scurry over drains, and the black rats that climb trees and hop onto your roof’s, you can find rats living in nearly all places that people live.

These critters are also excellent invaders, they have the ability to get through places much smaller than they themselves are. Which includes being able to swim in sewer pipes, and that means one thing, and that is that they are also able to get in through the toilet.

No matter how common rats are, there are many people who do not want others to known they have them. If you are one of the millions who have encountered these pesky rodents here is the need to now on the cost of rat exterminators.

Average Rat Extermination or Removal

The 2018 national average cost of rat removal or extermination ranges between $100 – $575, but may be slightly more or less depending on where you live.

Cost Factors

The cost of removing rats has a range of different factors. For instance, is it going to be necessary to use tamper resistant traps? Are you going to be able to remove the traps or will it be necessary for the professional to come back and do this? Who would be best to hire for this job?

Depending on how many rats you have (a few, or a bunch), would best determine if it is a job for a rat exterminator (can handle basis rat control) or is it going to be a job for the wildlife control operator. An exterminator deals with insects mostly, and a wildlife control operator specializes in trapping animals, including rats, and removing them.

Other factors impacting rat exterminator cost

The extermination cost for the removal of rats will depend on how many rats there are, how complex the site of the rats will be, and the amount of damage the rats have caused. It is more than likely that a rat exterminator or a wildlife expert will be able to give an estimate of the cost before they do an inspection.

To eliminate the population, a professional should know the following:

  • What is the number of access holes is going to need to be repaired or covered
  • What is the number of rats to be trapped and removed?
  • What is the number of droppings, rat nests, and hoards that will have to be removed?

Also, the kind of rat it is can very well make an impact on the cost, for it could affect which strategy to use for catching it. For example, a pack-rat collects different kinds of items from your home, and Norway rats, referred to as a brown rat, lines their nests with things they pick up from around the home and from outside.

Carefully consider options when obtaining multiple estimates. The prices of rat exterminators might be less than that of a wildlife removal operator, however, the approach used would be less comprehensive. The rats could re-enter, or an exterminator could miss one, leaving young one alive in your home.

DIY Rat Extermination Cost

It is understandable that home owners and business owners alike, would want to get rid of the rats right away. However, if you know for sure that there are only a few rats in your home it could be worth doing it yourself. The mechanical rat traps like the Victor spring-and-wood models, will only cost a few dollars at your local hardware stores or online.

Below are tips on setting-up traps:

  1. Use dental floss by wrapping it around the bait, it will get snagged on the rat’s teeth.
  2. Use peanut butter to cover the floss, as it works great for bait.
  3. Use some grounded-up candy spice drops by mixing it with the peanut butter, the floss, and the bait pan, this will help in snaring the rat.
  4. Place the trap so that it is at a right angle against the wall, and as the rat scurries along it will come upon the bait.

Should you decide to go with the do it yourself option, keep in mind that rats carry diseases and remember to wear gloves, and always keep your distance from a dead rat.

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