Found A Scorpion In Your House? There Could Be More!

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Posted on May 23, 2017

Have you found yourself to be a victim of a home invasion of an eight legged creature? Was your peaceful home life ruined by a gathering of pincers and stingers?

If so, you may have found your mind wandering to all types of assumptions about your home and the surrounding area, mainly “if I find a scorpion, will there be more?” The answer really depends on…

Location, Location, Location

It all depends on where you are located. Your weather, yard condition, terrain, and climate are needed to be right in order be the right type of habitat for scorpions, if the conditions are right.

Many scorpions like to be in shady, very hot and dry locations – given the fact that they thrive in heat and hunt in darkness. If you live in an area that has arid weather, plenty of insects and bugs as well as lots of dark corners, then you may end up with scorpions on your property.

It is worth considering practical problems such as municipal work and heavy construction that may be nearby that could be causing the scorpions to flee from their homes.

This also applies to any recently built homes. Although they may seem like clean structures, they are often a breeding ground for scorpions which may have been living on the property before your home was built.

Scorpion Species and Temperament

Scorpions are not social creatures, but it could depend on the species of scorpion and your environment. If you live in a scorpion dense region, it could be hard to eradicate them because a female scorpion can lay hundreds of eggs at once and will tend to live longer than the male.

There are multiple tactics to keep them on the outside of your home, but this just puts the problem in another direction, which could cause them to be a problem for your neighbors.

A good thing to do is to get your community to start scorpion proofing their homes such as removing rotting yard litter or wood that make good homes and to seal gaps to their home.

If the neighborhood works together, then the scorpions may begin to move somewhere that is a lot more welcoming.

Look For Scorpions Yourself or Call The Pros

Besides patiently waiting for more to show up and actually confirm your theory, you can either search for them yourself or call a professional, if you are a rational human who is terrified of 8 legged creatures in all shapes and sizes.

To keep a balance, it is assumed that you aren’t chickens and would take matters into your own hands. The best way to do that is to wait until after dark and search using a UV flashlight to scan the home and its surroundings.

Scorpions are super stealthy, until one scares you; so this could catch them lounging, hunting, or feeding on your property.

Overall, a single scorpion doesn’t always mean that there is an infestation or more will be coming. That also isn’t the case either.

It is worth doing a thorough, but safe examination of your home and the exterior to put your worries to rest.

What it does mean is that your home was an attractive opportunity for a scorpion, so it is safe to think that other stragglers may think so as well.

It is best to close up any gaps no matter how small that lead to the outside, kill anything that could draw insects to your home, and clear away clutter that could make a good home for a scorpion. Below is a great guide to removing scorpions permanently.


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